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Who We Are

Professionals with over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity gained in a variety of sectors.

All of our services are delivered by our experienced consultants who are recognised as experts in their respective fields.

Our Founder

Cyberlink Security Ltd. was founded by Arthur Donkers who has earned over 25 yers of experience in this field in the Netherlands.

He now wants to leverage that experience in Ireland.

Who We Serve

The target companies for Cyberlink’s solutions are SMB and large scale Internet Service providers and Telecom operators.

We are based in County Cork and work across the ROI and UK.

Arthur Donkers

Arthur has over 20-years’ experience in the field of information and cyber security. He comes from a technical background studying electrical engineering at Delft University in the Netherlands. Arthur has applied those technical skills to help organisations connect safely to the Internet since the early ’90’s. He founded one of the first security companies in the Netherlands and has performed security scanning and consulting for a number of national and international customers.

Arthur uses an open and risk-based approach to the cyber and information security questions. This approach provides the best solution for any particular situation and creates best value. His solutions are based on his belief that information and cyber security should facilitate and not frustrate an organisation.

He is an open and transparent communicator and is both flexible and sensitive to the needs of an organisation.