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make your risks manageable

Who We Are

Professionals with over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity gained in a variety of sectors.

All of our services are delivered by our experienced consultants who are recognised as experts in their respective fields.

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Penetration Testing

Performing a penetration test is one of the best ways to verify your Cybersecurity.


Cyberlink Security Ltd. provides training tailored to your specific needs.

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Why Choose Us

You will want to avoid the costs associated with breaches, such as legal fees and down-time. You need the best people on your side.

Cyberlink Security’s highly skilled and experienced team are here to help.

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What some of our clients say

“Investing in training with Cyberlink Security was well worth the time. The course was thorough and practical, and has led to some important changes in the way we do things. Best of all it has given us peace of mind”.

“Arthur Donkers’ professional approach and expertise cannot be recommended highly enough”.

“Asking Cyberlink for a penetration test showed us just how vulnerable we were. Fortunately they also offered us a solution”.